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We provide you with honest information about nutrition, supplements, and your health. We can help you sort out helpful products from useless fads and dangerous stimulants and reccommend products that really work.

Quality Brands

Only manufacturers with the highest standards of quality are available at Garden of Light.


We keep abreast of current science and carry products that have passed the fad test. also have Garden of Light brand supplements that meet our owner's strict guidelines.

Garden of Light Brand

We chose Vitamer Labs to manufacture Garden of Light vitamins and herbs because they make the best product on the market today.


Our manufacturer, Vitamer Labs, also manufactures pharmaceuticals, and therefore must follow the same stringent guidelines and FDA regulations for making pharmaceuticals. This means we guarantee what is on the label is in the bottle.


Ensures that you are getting the amounts of nutrients listed on the label.


Every ingredient, binder, or tableting agent is listed, so you know what you are buying.


Our Manufacturer, Vitamer Labs, is registered as a drug establishment with the federal government. Title 21 of the federal Food and Drug Act requires Vitamer to follow federal codes commonly known as "Good Manufacturing Practices". Vitamin manufacturers that are not registered are able to turn out dietary supplements without federal or state supervision. A complete description of Vitamer's quality assurance procedure is available for Garden of Light customers to read.


The best barrier against moisture and air, two culprits that affect the potency of a product and shorten shelf life.


Our Manufacturer, Vitamer Labs, technically identifies all incoming raw materials and tests the finished product for potency and label claim before it is released for packaging and shipping.


Vitamer Labs maintains an on site lab for testing and quality control.

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